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about Me.

Ben has been involved in a number of SaaS and robotic startups over the last decade.

He is main role is co-founder and Systems Architect in an Insurance Software firm.

He loves to help others reach their potential and strive for their dreams.  He is passionate, knowledgable and experienced. 

Take Time Back helps people do exactly that, take their time back to control and use the way that they want. 

Photo is of my wife Melissa and I at our local beach in Caloundra. 


The focus.

Understanding your requirement and provide quality works.
Feasibility planning and reviews

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Create your business roadmap

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Getting you going

Creating a step by step process to get you moving with your business. Sometimes it's just making the first step!

App Development

Pointing you in the right direction for software or app development.


Take Time back offers a number of services to help you get your business started

Feasibility review

Need a sounding board for your idea? We are here to help. Confidentially assured, we are here to help you validate your business concept and build it into a viable business plan.


Business planning

Business planning is not just something you do to get going. It’s something that you should be doing, reevaluating and changing almost daily.

We help you with that journey.


Partnership advise

Partners can either make or break you, and your business.  We will help you create solid business relationships by setting early expectations and then working continuously on the relationships. 


Getting started

This is where the rubber hits the road. Get your business going and out the door. 

Launching is the first step to an exciting journey. 

Posts from experience

Check out our posts which can help you on your journey.

Take Time Back is more than just building a business

The focus of many startup founders is to create a business to replace the income from their existing jobs. This is their version of freedom however it has to be more than that.  

You have to have a plan build a business which is self-sufficient. To this your business needs to move past just a product or service, but to have plans in place to grow and scale.

Find your passion
I do not believe in the adage “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” is not true. I agree with Tim Cook who says…
Prove your business plan, then grow, slowly
When planning your business, it’s very easy to get drunk on multiplication. What if you you get 10 customers, 100 customers, 1,000 or maybe a million. What if you did an IPO? The focus…
Take the risk or lose the chance
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